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General Admission:
 Full access to the Corn Maze & the Family Fun
Courtyard w/ games, rides & slides.

 Adults & Children ( ages 3 & up) --- $8.00
  Toddlers ( ages 0-2) --- Free 

Pumpkins $0.35 lb 

Specialty Pumpkins $0.50 - $1.00 lb
All persons entering the gate are asked to pay admission.


    Group Rates are for 25 or more. 

 *We ask that the ratio of youth to adults be 7 to 1

Ages (3 +)  $7 .00  

2 & under are free 
We ask that you designate one person from your group to pay for the whole group, this helps entering gate with out confusion.

Frequently asked Questions:​

*Do grandparents and others that don't plan to do anything have to pay admission?   


Everyone entering the gate (3 years +) needs to purchase an admission wrist band.  Children 2 and under are free.

**Can we bring our own food, ice cream, and cake?



*** Can I reserve a private space to enjoy my special celebration?


 Reserve a 2 hr. block for our 10 x 10 canopy with table.  This space can be a gathering spot for your group for snacks, cake, or presents, and explore all that the farm has to offer at your own pace - your wristbands are valid all day!  All attendees (ages 3+) must have wristbands.
*Fees apply to, all entering the gate.


Need more info? E-mail us at or text 801-706-0984

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